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"What’s your favorite album, or book?" "I really like Metamorphosis, I think it says a lot about the human condition and psyche." "Yeah I love Franz Kafka." "Oh no, I was talking about Hilary Duff’s debut album."  

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Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976).

Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011).

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Grizzly Bear - Knife

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new thing i’m working on

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me whispering to my dog in the dark: hey.. you still up?

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Bill Viola, The Sleep of Reason, 1998

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everyone is an introvert nowadays but they don't have an introvert party like mine hihi



Toshio Saeki, Akai-Hako No. 9, 1972.


Akira Kurosawa painting the set of Dodes’ka-den

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